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My name is Jason Gaudreau, I am a long time blogger, social media user, and a seasoned IT veteran with over 27 years of industry experience. 

I am a Senior Manager at VMware, a leading information technology provider of enterprise application solutions. Before VMware, I was an IT Architect for AdvizeX Technologies and in IT leadership at Unum Group where I helped to develop the organization's IT strategy.

I'm happy to review products or take part in sponsored campaigns if I think it's a good fit for my audience. I enjoy doing reviews, sponsored posts and giveaways for the right products. I won't take on any sponsored work that doesn't fit the overall tone and theme of my blog.
The Content is focused on virtualization solutions and aligning infrastructure technologies with strategic business objectives. It is concentrated on datacenter virtualization, desktop virtualization, and cloud computing. 

I analyze the technology benefits of virtualization solutions in business terms, not just IT terms. As technologists, most IT professionals have grown to understand technology; they can talk about the IT products and features because that has been their focus for decades. I try to bridge that gap, analyzing the capabilities and limitations of virtualization solutions and matching that to business outcomes.

I try to post at least once a week. I make every effort to keep things simple, concise, and relevant.

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