Wednesday, March 9, 2016

vRealize Operations 6.2 Overhead Calculation

If you opened up the vRealize Operations Manager Analysis page in the latest version, you will notice it looks considerably different than it has in the past. Previously, you would expect the overhead and demand to show a smaller line than usage. In vRealize Operations Manager 6.2, they have changed the calculations for overhead, which I will walk you through.

The new overhead calculation is Total Capacity - Configured Capacity, the description of total cpacity in vCenter shows Total amount of memory reservation used by and available for powered-on virtual machines and vSphere services on the host. The new overhead model is basically taking the amount of memory that is left over after accounting for all the memory being consumed by virtual machines, vSphere services on the host, and VMkernel core functionality, such as device drivers and other internal uses and subtracting that from the configured capacity.

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