Wednesday, February 3, 2016

vRealize Operations Manager Maintenance Schedules

I had a customer ask me about Maintenance Schedules today, so I thought I would write up a quick post about them.

Maintenance Schedules stop vRealize Operations Manager from collecting data on a specific object. This can be helpful when resources are offline or in a state of maintenance that could make the metrics misleading. For example, if you are performing monthly patches to Windows Servers, you may not want to capture the restart of the virtual machines every month because you place an abnormal load on system demand that isn't the regular state; which could generate incorrect anomalies and alerts that affect the data for setting dynamic thresholds.

Then again, you may want to ensure the peak state is accounted for in metrics collection for capacity planning purposes. Either way, using Maintentance Schedules can serve a purpose when trying to determine steady state workloads.

To set a Maintenance Schedule, we are going to click Administration and the go to Maintenance Schedules on the Navigation panel.

On Maintenance Schedules, we are going to click the green + icon to add a new schedule. I am going to create two schedules, the first is going to be a Weekly schedule that runs from 21:30 to 22:00 every Sunday for Production Maintenance, then I am going to click the Save button.

My next schedule is going to be Development Maintenance, it will run from 18:00 to 18:30 every day.

At this point I have created two Maintenance Schedules, I now need to attach them to my policies in vRealize Operations Manager. I am going to click on Policies, select the Policy Library Tab, and then edit my Development policy by clicking the pencil icon.

Since I want to assign this to my virtual machine objects, I go to the vCenter Adapter - Virtual Machine policy and unlock the Time Range setting. If I drop-down the Maintenance Schedule, I see both the schedules I created are listed. I select the Development Maintenance schedule and save the policy.

Maintenance Schedules are easy to setup and can ensure you are capturing the data that you need.
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