Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bada Bing Bada Boom... vROps 6.2 Upgrade

One of the beautiful things about vRealize Operations Manager is how easy it is to upgrade. Version 6.2 of vRealize Operations Manager was released on January 28th, so I decided to upgrade it in my home lab.

To upgrade to the latest version, you need to download the vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS- file from MyVMware. Next we are going to Launch the vRealize Operations Manager admin console, which will be https://vropsserver/admin.

After we log into the admin console, we are going to click Software Updates under the Administration panel.

The first step is to point our browser to the upgrade PAK file we downloaded. I did not check Install the PAK file even if it is already installed (because it isn't) and I didn't select Reset out-of-the-box content, overwriting to a new version provided by this update. Note, user modifications to out-of-the-box Alerts, Symptoms, Recommentations and Policies will be overwritten.

After you click Upload, you will see the PAK file progress bar.

When the upload is completed, it provides you a warning letting you know that after the installation is completed it will restart the vRealize Operations Manager cluster. Click Next to proceed.

Carefully read every line of the EULA, then check I accept the terms of this agreement.

The installation will proceed, after it is completed it will reboot the vRealize Operations Manager cluster.

At this point, the vRealize Operation Manager appliance has been reconfigured and restarted. Logging back into the admin console, we notice the version number is now

It took me about 25 minutes to complete the upgrade. 

So What's new in vRealize Operations Manager 6.2?
  • Enhanced Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Integration
    vRealize Operations now offers enhanced integration with the vCenter Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) when making and executing workload placement recommendations. The vRealize Operations Manager analytics determine cross-cluster placement opportunities, while vCenter Distributed Resource Scheduler determines the best destination within clusters. The enhanced integration uses all DRS rules, constraints, and enterprise-class capabilities.

  • New Workload Utilization Dashboard
    The Workload Utilization Dashboard enables you to see the object workload utilization for Cluster, DataCenter, and Custom DataCenter containers. The new dashboard incorporates an updated Utilization widget, capable of operating in either a capacity or workload utilization mode.

  • Ability to Import Single Sign-On Users
    As an Administrator, you can now add and authorize new users for vRealize Operations Manager by importing them from a Single Sign-On source.

  • Telemetry Enablement on Upgrade
    This release includes a one-time dialog after you upgrade that allows you to participate in the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program. This program collects anonymous product configuration and usage data to enhance future versions of vRealize Operations.

  • Portable Licensing
    The portable licensing feature adds the ability for customers to license use of the product in vSphere as well as non-vSphere environments.
For more information on the features, go to the vRealize Operations product page.
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