Tuesday, January 12, 2016

vRealize Operations Manager Super Metrics

Super metrics are the equivalent of a custom metric, it can be used to help simplify tracking by watching a few key metrics instead of many metrics. By bringing forward related data, it helps to troubleshoot specific information, which speeds time to resolution. A super metric is a mathematical formula that contains one or more metrics.

After you create a super metrics, you assign it to one or more object types. For instance, you could assign a super metrics to cluster object (resource kinds) that calculates the average memory demand on all virtual machines in the cluster.

Super metrics can be found on the Content page. vRealize Operations Manager keeps a consistent format, click the + sign to add a new super metrics, the pencil to edit a super metrics, the two triangles to clone a super metrics, the x to delete a super metrics, and clicking the gear icon allows you to import and export super metrics.

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