Thursday, November 12, 2015

vRealize Operations 6.1 Rebalance

If you read my post from last week about vRealize Operations 6.1 Policies, one of the policy options I discussed was workload automation.  Workload automation in vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 allows you to balance your infrastructure environment, the Action can be done at the datacenter or cluster level to balance workloads across your clusters and hosts. 

The Workload Automation policy allows you to balance out the workloads conservatively or aggressively, depending on your infrastructure requirements; and you can decide if you want more or less consolidation for host efficiency.

I thought I would step through the process of performing a workload rebalance at the datacenter level. And because it is fairly straight forward, this should be a short post!

 I am going to highlight my PaloAlto datacenter, which has my 6.0 cluster. 


I am going to click Actions and then select Rebalance Container.

vRealize Operations is going to calculate the workload plan taking into consideration any changes you have made at the policy level.

After the calculation is completed, it gives you a list of virtual machines that could be balanced to other hosts. You will notice that my first virtual machine will move from the source host to a new destination host, but the datastore destination is staying the same. It also provides you with the reason for the rebalance.

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