Monday, July 6, 2015

VMworld 2015 Session Recommendations

The last couple of years, I carved away the VMworld content catalog to 50 sessions I recommend to my customers. This year, there are 658 session available at VMworld 2015, which is an overwhelming amount of sessions! My recommendations are from past experience of seeing the presenters at VMworld, VMUGs, and interacting with them at work. Moreover, I try to make sure I have all our major product lines included, and a mix of technical and business tracks.

Going along with the VMworld 2015 theme. You can be ready. Ready for VMworld 2015 and the brave new model of IT.

Ready for Any.

50 Recommended Sessions:

MGT6525 - Automation for Service/Catalog Item Provisioning and Management with Naomi Sullivan
Presenter:  Naomi Sullivan

Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices

EUC5052 - Beyond the Marketing: Horizon 6 Technical Deep Dive
Presenters: Ray Heffer and Jim Yanik

Horizon 6 continues to evolve with new features and functions that increase the breadth of use cases and enhance the end user experience. This session will provide a technical look at each feature and how it works. We will provide examples of how these features are used in real-world use cases. We will cover topics including vGPU, Virtual SAN, Virtual Volumes and end use experience enhancements driven by client and agent functionality. This session will focus on the new features and functionalities of the latest versions of Horizon 6.

EUC4827 - VDI Sizing Deep Dive - The Horizon Sizing Tool
Presenter: Ray Heffer

Direct from the EUC Technical Marketing and Enablement team, we reveal the Horizon Sizing Tool. We will show you best practices and sizing techniques using our latest sizing tool aimed at consultants and architects. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls when sizing for large scale deployments. We will show you sizing methods for linked clones, full clones, RDS sessions, including Horizon server components. We will answer the most commonly asked questions around sizing for Horizon, including when or when not to use TPS (Transparent Page Sharing), SE (Space Efficient) Sparse disks, Virtual SAN and all flash arrays. To finish, we will show you a demo of the Horizon Sizing Tool and walk you through a large scale Horizon sizing exercise.

INF5211 - Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI – Deep Dive
Presenters: Alan Renouf and Luc Dekens

PowerCLI is the number 1 automation product from VMware, in previous years you have seen how to get the most out of your infrastructure using PowerCLI. This year we will take it further than ever including new product automation never seen before, automating your public cloud instances and showing migration and reporting for your cloud workloads. This session will demonstrate how to bring DevOps working practices into your vSphere automation with PowerCLI and Desired State Configuration (DSC).

INF4448 - Design Advice for Small and Midsize Business
Presenters: Brian Atkinson, Sean Crookston, Jason Langer, Harley Stagner, and Jason Gaudreau

Join several industry experts to talk about the considerations that come into play for small and midsize organizations. IT administrators at small and midsize businesses wear many hats, which requires a breadth and depth of knowledge of not just the technology, but the business as well. In this interactive design workshop, we'll go through some of the most common challenges we see customers facing when moving towards the next generation of virtualization. Considerations will be made including management, backups, storage, & networking.

INF4529 - VMware Certificate Management for Mere Mortals
Presenters: Adam Eckerle and Ryan Johnson

SSL certificates have become essential in securing access to our data centers and infrastructure. As vSphere has evolved so to have the processes, application, and management of SSL certificates. Gone are the days of simply relying on self-signed certificates and never having to validate, renew or really manage those certificates. In this session we will discuss and demonstrate the new VMCA to show how to deploy & manage SSL certificates in vSphere 6. We'll also discuss upgrade considerations and how to evaluate the different deployment models for the VMCA in order to decide which is best for the user's organization.

MGT5973 - Starbucks Case Study: Self Service Provisioning of VMs with NSX Micro-Segmentation
Presenters: Justin Jones and Jason Horn

Over a 9 month period, Starbucks and VMware collaborated on the design and deployment of a self-service provisioning platform. The platform offers user-controlled application micro-segmentation and self-service provisioned virtual machines, using a wide range of technology and software including vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator, and VMware NSX. We will recap the capabilities of the system and summarize the realized benefits as well as challenges and lessons learned.

INF4790 - A ROBO Technical Deep Dive, Understanding Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) Best Practices
Presenters: Brian Graf and Rick Terlep

In this session we will explore best practices of implementing vSphere in Remote Office / Branch Office deployments. We will perform a technical deep dive into subjects such as planning and architecting the initial deployment of hosts and virtual machines, discussing what we see our customers doing as well as design decisions that should be considered carefully. We will jump into ESX and VM lifecycle management for remote deployments and discuss best practices for upgrading and patching these environments as well as ways to maintain configuration consistency across sites and avoid forms of configuration drift. Join us for a great informative and technical session.

HBC6562-GD - vCloud Air with Massimo re Ferre and David Hill
Presenters: Massimo Re Ferre’ and David Hill

Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices.

HBC4849 - vCloud Air 2015 - Getting Started with Hybrid Cloud
Presenters: Jenny Fong and Greg Herzog

vCloud Air is VMware’s public cloud platform, designed to be hybrid-first and compatible with your existing vSphere workloads. This year has seen many exciting developments including OnDemand, Disaster Recovery and Advanced Networking. In this session we will cover the basics of vCloud Air, what it is, what's new, and the flexible options for purchasing it. We'll also provide a live demo of the simple steps to get you started on your hybrid cloud journey.

MGT5318 - Becoming a vRealize Automagician: Why Automation isn’t Automatic
Presenters: Steve Kaplan, Jad El-Zein, Alan Keeler, and Trent TeSelle

As any IT professional knows, being able to provision systems in a consistent manner, reliably, is the holy grail. Most organizations have tasks they are performing during various stages of provisioning, but these things are, in many instances, manual. While that can be a great starting point, this approach does not scale and routinely falls victim to things like "Oh, I forgot about that” or "I didn't know about that!". The longer the list, the more likely there is for discrepencies between systems being provisioned, regardless of if it's the same person or multiple people performing the same steps. What if there was a way to reduce the possibilities for human error? To do that, you have to become an “Automagician". For vRealize Automation (vRA) managed environments, becoming an Automagician means leveraging vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) to extend native automation. Applying custom properties effectively in vRA to invoke workflows included in the vRA plugin for vRO, the Automagician gains the ability to incorporate automation and transcend the need for manual processes while removing the error-prone human factor in much of the decision process. This session will delve into the symbiotic relationship between vRA and vRO, and how custom property attributes in vRA can be used to power workflows within vRO for enterprise-scale automation.

INF5116 - A Practical Introduction to DevOps for VMware Administrators
Presenters: Josh Atwell, Trevor Roberts Jr, Yvo van Doorn, Egle Sigler, and Chris Sexsmith

You’ve heard of DevOps, but you may not be 100% clear on what benefits it can bring to your IT organization.  Join this session to see, and possibly participate in, live demonstrations of popular DevOps tools like Puppt, Chef, Ansible, PowerShell DSC, Razor, Jenkins, Docker, and more. DevOps experts will be on-hand to present information on DevOps tools and practices and to answer your questions about how these solutions integrate with VMware technologies.  In this session, you will also learn how to keep your developers happy whilst maintaining control of the infrastructure you know and love.

SDDC5094 - A Technical Deep Dive into VMware Integrated OpenStack
Presenter: Trevor Roberts Jr

You may have tried deploying OpenStack either from Operating System package managers or from OpenStack distribution vendors.  You heard that VMware has a formal offering in this space, and you want to find out more. This session will begin with an architecture review of the latest OpenStack release and then progress into a deep-dive of VMware Integrated OpenStack internals. We will round out our discussion by covering how VMware’s solution simplifies “Day 2” OpenStack operations.

STO6407-BC - vSAN Workshop
Presenters: Noel Nguyen, Bo Bolander, Mostafa Khalil, and Greg Mulholland

Software-Defined Storage represents the critical next phase to realize the Software-Defined Data Center vision and journey. VMware Virtual SAN is VMware's Software-Defined Storage approach and solution to managing storage for virtual environments. This Technical Sales Workshop will provide training on how to use Virtual SAN (VSAN) to address the customer's storage pain points around management and provisioning, performance, and costs. Including, i.e., what the product does, benefits, use cases, when and where to position, objection handling. The Workshop will also feature How to Sell VMware Virtual SAN from a Partner perspective, technical deep dive, sizing and design, and troubleshooting. PLEASE NOTE:  If you are staying in San Francisco, Shuttle service will be provided to and from Palo Alto for this workshop.

INF5177 - VMworld 2015 - vSphere Security - Fact .vs. Fiction
Presenters: Mike Foley and Yuecel Karabulut

VMware vSphere has been developed from the ground up to run virtual machines in a secure manner. vSphere addresses the security concerns of the most demanding datacenter environments for enterprises and government organizations. Get a better understanding of exactly how!

SDDC6121 - VMware and the 'Internet-of-Things
Presenters: Greg Bollella, Matthias Schorer, and Chris Wolf

Join us for a session on VMware in the ‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT). We’ll share insights and feedback from some of our customers, discuss internal IoT projects and highlight innovative solutions for building elastic IoT infrastructure; for connecting, managing and securing devices; and for using hardware virtualization for application execution in IoT gateways. We’ll also discuss why we think IT is the right internal organization to own the management, provisioning, configuration, and maintenance of IoT gateways as well as operating tools that perform behavioral analysis on telemetry streams for real-time alerting of anomalous patterns in the values of the metrics. (Hint: Like most things IoT, a big part of the answer is about scale, scope, and existing expertise.) Attend this session and learn: How application of AirWatch, vRealize Operations Manager, LogInsight, and other datacenter management tools, appropriately tweaked, gives you a jump start on the management, application provisioning, and configuration control for IoT gateways. More about our special project (Helix), a vRealize Operations Manager adapter specifically tailored for IoT and an agent for the Intel IoT Solutions Gateway as a telemetry acquisition, behavior analysis, and real-time alerting IoT solution. Why many technologists think an application execution model based on hardware virtualization for IoT gateways makes a lot of sense.VMware can excel in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) Agenda: Customer use cases and application of traditional datacenter management tools to IoT.  A deep dive into project Helix.Body: Application of AirWatch and other datacenter management tools, appropriately tweaked, can be used for managing IoT gateways and applications. Our special project (Helix), a vRealize Operations Manager adapter specifically tailored for IoT and an agent for the Intel IoT Solutions Gateway as a telemetry acquisition, behavior analysis is real-time alerting IoT solution. An application execution model based on hardware virtualization for IoT gateways solves some very difficult problems in IoT. Summary: Application of traditional datacenter management tools to IoT Project Helix Hardware virtualization for IoT gateways Conclusion: VMware and IoT, a great match.

NET4976 - vSphere Distributed Switch 6.0 – Technical Deep Dive
Presenters: Jason Nash and Chris Wahl

VMware’s latest 6.0 version of the vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) provides unparalleled networking features, control mechanisms, and new ways to construct a LAN topology. In this year’s version of one of the highest rated VMworld sessions, you’ll get front row seats to a deep dive on the VDS in a variety of real world use cases. Gain new knowledge for building multi-tenant capable configurations with NIOC version 3 and CoS marking, learn how to protect critical vSphere management workloads consuming the VDS, and follow along as we review the steps necessary to leverage the TCP/IP stack for routed vMotion.

SDDC4595 - Ask the Expert Industry Titans
Presenters: Kit Colbert, Rick Scherer, Nicholas Weaver, Vaughn Stewart, and Chad Sakac

Back for it's 8th year at VMworld, Ask the Experts is back with an awesome panel of the industries top experts. In this session there are no powerpoints, no sales pitches and no rules! Experts in the industry are here to answer your questions while having some fun in the process. Bring your topic, anything from Software-Defined Data Center, to End-User Computing to Hybrid Cloud... Storage, Networking, Security. No questions are off limits.

NET5422 - Using VMware NSX in Your Open Source Environment
Presenter: Scott Lowe

You're building out your next-generation cloud infrastructure, using open source projects and technologies like OpenStack, Open vSwitch, Open Virtual Network, and containers. Can VMware NSX offer value in such an open source environment? Absolutely! This discussion will look back on the rich history that VMware NSX has in the open source world, reviewing some of the innovation that NSX's development has driven into various open source communities. We'll provide a comprehensive review of the various ways in which VMware NSX can be used and integrated into environments that are heavily based on open source projects and technologies, and discuss the value that VMware NSX brings to such environments. If you are involved in building environments that will heavily leverage open source projects and technologies, this is a session you won't want to miss.

VAPP5483 - Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way!
Presenters: Deji Akomolafe and Matt Liebowitz

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) allows organizations to deploy a scalable and secure directory service for managing users, resources and applications. Virtualization of ADDS has been supported for many years now, however has required careful management to avoid pitfalls around replication, time management, and access. Windows Server 2012 provides greater support for virtualization by including virtualization-safe features and support for rapid domain controller deployment.

SDDC5260 - Active-Active-Active Borderless & Always-On Virtual Data Center
Presenter: Scott Carpenter

Case study of how VMware's Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) enabled a leading Healthcare organization to meet ever increasing demands for high availability while facing IT budget cuts. Learn how VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) and NSX enable vSphere automation, such as vMotion & High Availability (HA), across three data centers in this active-active-active design.

STO6137 - Site Recovery Manager and Policy Based DR: Deep dive with Engineering
Presenters:  GS Khalsa and Aleksey Pershin

Policy based management greatly simplifies the work of IT Administrators making it easy to ensure that applications and VMs receive the resources, protection and functionality required. Learn about the latest enhancements of Site Recovery Manager in this space, which represent a huge step towards providing policy based DR. In this session we'll dive deep into how this approach works and how to work with them.

STO5333 - Building a Stretched Cluster with Virtual SAN
Presenter: Rawlinson Rivera

In this session we will present how to build a stretched cluster configuration on VMware Virtual SAN, in order to expand your enterprise capabilities. A stretched cluster on Virtual SAN can provide zero recovery point objective and close to zero recovery time objective for applications even in case of site failures and enable planned maintenance, disaster avoidance, and automated recovery.

CNA5379 - Panel: Enterprise architecture for Cloud-Native Applications
Preseners: Martijin Baecke, Joe Baguley, Robbie Jerrom, Aaron Seemer, and Andy Jenkins

There are tectonic shifts happening in the enterprise, particularly in how applications are developed and operated (e.g. DevOps), how they’re architected (e.g. micro services and 12-factor apps), and how they’re deployed (e.g. Docker and containers). We call these applications “cloud-native” as they’re designed for the mobile-cloud era. VMware launched Cloud-Native Apps at the beginning of the year to address the shift that is currently taking place how applications are developed today. This session will provide you with a dive into that world of Cloud-Native Apps. In this panel discussion, lead by VMware CTO for EMEA Joe Baguley, we will discuss all the topics surrounding Cloud-Native Apps and walk you through the vision that VMware has for next generation application development and hosting. The panel will include VMware subject matter experts that will provide insight into what can be achieved with containerization, micro services and DevOps. They will provide you with examples and real-world scenarios from field experience. And of course we encourage everybody to come and join in the conversation. This session is meant to be interactive and open discussion around the topic of Cloud-Native Apps. We welcome everyone’s input and questions to learn and share with one another.

INF6394 - vSphere lifecycle with Brian Graf and Salil Suri
Presenters: Brian Graf and Salil Suri

Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices.

MGT5151 - vRealize Automation or VMware Integrated Openstack or Both?
Presenters: Ryan Kelly and Long Wang

Which IaaS platform is right for your organization? vRealize Automation or VMware Integrated Openstack or combination of both? The focus of this session will be to familiarize you with vRealize Automation and Vmware Integrated Openstack features and concepts. We will provide customer examples of common use cases as to when you would use one or the other. Most importantly the different consumption models each solution provides. We will help to answers the question "What does my end user what to see? Portal? API?" and "How virtual networking with VMware NSX integrates into both solutions. For those interested in operationalizing your private cloud, you will also learn how vRealize Operations and Loginsight can assist with day 2 operations for both vRealize Automation and VMware integrated Openstack. Experts in both vRealize Automation and VMWare integrated Openstack will be presenting and answering your questions throughout the session.

SDDC6541-SPO - Workload Consolidation- From Silos to the Software Defined Data Center
Presenter: Jeramiah Dooley

Storage has become an anchor on the ship of progress in the modern, virtualized data center. Up until recently it has been slow, unpredictable, inflexible, and requires far too much operational overhead. Showing its age, storage is still sized, deployed, and managed using methods created in the 1980s. Worst of all, storage capacity and performance are often still locked together in fixed ratios, making it inevitable that even the best-run storage environment will be wasteful and inefficient. It doesn’t have to be this way. The technology and know-how exists to have storage that is a predictable, flexible, and easily managed part of an overall virtualized platform, designed to provide the performance and availability that today’s end user workloads demand. Join us as we examine a year-in-the-life of an enterprise data center. We’ll show how migrating workloads onto a single platform can be the crucial missing step as VMware customers transition from legacy architecture into a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).

STO5207 - Troubleshooting Storage Devices Using vRealize Operations
Presenter: Bill Roth

Storage troubleshooting has always been a big pain-point for vSphere admins. Hear from a customer, on how they are using vRealize Operations to troubleshoot storage issues and learn about the new native storage tools that help you to isolate problems between VM and LUN.

STO5822 - Putting Virtual Volumes to Work -- Storage Best Practices for vSphere 6 and Beyond
Presenter: Howard Marks

The Virtual Volumes (VVol) feature in VMware vSphere offers tremendous operational benefits for IT departments, including more efficient storage utilization and finer control of hardware resources. To take full advantage of these benefits, virtualization managers will need to adapt their systems and processes to leverage the new management objects, mapping considerations, and performance implications inherent in VVol. In this session, Howard Marks, NetworkComputing Contributing Editor and Chief Scientist of DeepStorage, a leading hands-on testing lab, will provide best practice storage considerations for vSphere He will base this on years of research and testing around VVols and will share findings and storage integration best practices. NexGen Storage will sponsor this vendor-neutral, educational session.

VAPP5719 - Monitoring and Managing Applications with vRealize Operations 6.1 and vSphere6
Presenters: Jeff Godfrey and Ben Todd

This year VMware vSphere 6 combined with vRealize Operations 6.1 (vR Ops 6) adds critical features to increase technical agility in the infrastructure, and reduce Mean time to Repair. With a new Automated remediation action framework in vR Ops, vSphere 6’s ability to vMotion Physical Raw Device mappings (RDMs), and a complete Management Pack Ecosystem for monitoring Infrastructure to applications, administrators have the tools needed to get to maintain 5 9’s uptime, shorten Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and predict capacity requirements as and when the business requires.. This session will be a deep technical explanation, and live demonstration of these tools. It will give administrators a solid understanding of how they can use these tools to monitor and manage their application clusters, keep applications running during Infrastructure maintenance, and get deep holistic visibility into the entire Application ecosystem, from Storage to Networking

INF4528 - vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) Best Practices & Tips/Tricks
Presenter: William Lam

In this session, I will go through some of the best practices and considerations when deploying and managing the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). I will walk through some of the changes between past releases and the new vSphere 6.0 release. In addition, I will also provide tips and tricks on using the VCSA as well as ways in migrating from a Windows based vCenter Server to the VCSA

INF6396 - Platform security with Mike Foley
Presenter: Mike Foley

Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices.

MGT6003 - How to Win Executives and Influence Outcomes with vRealize Operations and vRealize Business
Presenters: Steven Jones and Jeff Godfrey

Become a true broker of IT services and help business units gain insight into their IT spend using vRealize Business (vRB) and vRealize Operations Manager (vROps). Help Business Units in the way they work and move IT into the realm of a critical contributor to their future success. Give them the whole picture on how IT saves money, makes money, saves time, and provides peace of mind, while earning respect at the same time. Shadow IT is financially inefficient and VMware is providing the solutions you need for a comprehensive cure. Join Jeff and Steve as they plunge into the story of three powerful insights every business needs that vRealize delivers. Walk out with a vital checklist of concepts to deliver value to those that you serve.

SDDC5273 - Growing from EVO:RAIL to EVO: RACK – Scale with Investment Protection
Presenters: Jason Lochhead and Sujit Pania

What's all the hype about with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)? In this session, we'll discuss the different alternatives to building a software-defined data center (SDDC), and how the newest option, HCI, is differentiated in terms of simplicity, faster time to productivity, flexible scalability and lower TCO competitive with public/private cloud offerings. Furthermore, we'll do a deep dive into features and capabilities of the 2 members of VMware's EVO family--EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK--and explain how they are based on the same foundational pieces, but also very different in terms of architecture, capabilities, use cases and target customer. In particular, we will also discuss how an existing investment in EVO:RAIL can be preserved by migrating to a new EVO:RACK instance.

STO5920 - Considerations for Virtual SAN Running Business Critical Applications
Presenters: Vahid Fereydouny and Christian Rauber

In this session we will be discussing the sizing, best practices, and monitoring for architecting Microsoft Exchange and SQL on Virtual SAN. This will be a deep dive session into Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server on VMware Virtual SAN, touching on SharePoint. Also we will discuss how to utilize Virtual SAN for your Oracle RAC deployments. After this session you will be able to understand how to utilize Virtual SAN as the best hyper-converged infrastructure architecture for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and Oracle RAC.

OPT5279 - Chargeback in the Department of Defense
Presenter: Daniel Phillippi

Is chargeback in the DoD impossible? Ever wonder why that is? While organizations like DISA and Cyber Command are looking to leverage a service provider model across the DoD, many other COCOMs are left with the internal struggle of how to handle a chargeback or showback model and often fall back to operating in the dark in regards to the true cost of their production environments. Whats worse is that too often the move to a private cloud is seen as unachievable. The truth is that within the Federal space we have done a great job of building barriers to our own success, but the failure to implement a proper cost model for chargeback within each organization has left us paralyzed to move beyond the basic capabilities that virtualization technology brings. Operating on the assumption of costs based on contracting mechanisms and colors of money has disabled the drive to move further into the future and has cost greatly in terms of efficiency and capability; giving our enemies the chance to eclipse us in the cyber arena. The good news is that we can change the dynamic and move into the datacenter of tomorrow. Join us in exploring the possibilities that can come from implementing a proper chargeback or showback cost model, and how it can be used to advance your IT operations in the DoD.

SDDC5440 - VMware Validated Reference Designs - A Reference Architecture for the SDDC
Presenters: Mike Brown and Karthik Narayan

Deploying ESX, vCenter, vRealize Ops, vRealize Automation, and NSX together in a production deployment takes care, thoughtfulness, and planning. Downstream operational issues such as monitoring, capacity planning, and maintenance must be considered. Backup, disaster recovery, high availability, and other enterprise readiness issues must be considered. And, it's not just about VMware's products, but also about how storage, networking, load-balancers, and other non-VMware services integrate into the total deployment.  This session will explain the VMware Validated Reference Design, a new project designed to simplify this process for VMware's customers.

VAPP6431-GD - Oracle Migration from Big Iron to Virtual Machines
Presenters: Sudhir Balasubramanian and Mukund Yadav

Migrating large Oracle RAC database from Physical to Virtual

INF5229 - Docker and Fargo: Exploding the Linux Container Host
Presenters: Benjamin Corrie and George Hicken

OPT5793 - Organizational Change Management and SDDC: Why Getting Your Organization and People Aligned Are the Key Ingredient in Ensuring Maximum Value from You
Presenter: Brad Wolfe

The Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) delivers a compelling vision of infrastructure transformation and a modern means to IT service delivery across the Private, Public or Hybrid clouds. Moving your enterprise to a SDDC is a tremendous investment in time and resources. Unfortunately many IT organizations miss the most important factor when making that investment, its people. Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a critical component of moving to SDDC and overall IT Transformation. A sure way to be successful when embracing emerging technologies, such as the SDDC, is to ensure the people who will be responsible for architecting, deploying, and managing the solutions are in sync with a common set of goals. OCM begins with focus on these goals to align an organization’s vision, strategy, objectives and mindset thus ensuring alignment between key IT services and broader business objectives. Attend this session to learn how to address the software-defined people problem and build a modern SDDC architecture team. Also learn how building your architecture team is just one of the many components of OCM that are brought together to align your people and your organization with an SDDC strategy. We will address key SDDC and OCM questions on the minds of business and IT leaders regarding the risks of undertaking this enterprise transformation.

OPT4707 - Integrating vRealize Automation with ITSM and Service Catalog Tools
Presenters: Reginald Lo and John Worthington

Many IT organizations are grappling with the decision on which service catalog tool they should use: the one from vRealize Automation or the one from their ITSM tool, i.e. ServiceNow, Remedy SRM, HP Service Catalog, etc. Based on real world experiences, this session describes different implementation options and their pros and cons and common integration points between vRealize Automation and your ITSM tool.

MGT6523-QT - Selling the Value of IT to Your Business
Presenter: Kathylynn Brunner

Many IT organizations are grappling with the decision on which service catalog tool they should use: the one from vRealize Automation or the one from their ITSM tool, i.e. ServiceNow, Remedy SRM, HP Service Catalog, etc. Based on real world experiences, this session describes different implementation options and their pros and cons and common integration points between vRealize Automation and your ITSM tool.

MGT6528 - Capacity Planning and Management with Zubair Ansari
Presenter: Zubair Ansari

Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices.

SEC4488 - WestJet - Fast and Simple Security Using NSX and VCO
Presenter: Richard Sillito

In the fast world of Agile development and DevOps, there are many security roadblocks in the race to production. Businesses can't slow down, so security must speed up. This requires a combination of good architecture and strong technology. WestJet’s unique Security Architecture Made Simple (SAMS) combined with Software Defined Security and Automation technology has transformed security operations.

OPT5972 - 80,000 VM's and Growing! VMware's Internal Cloud Journey Told by the People on the Frontlines
Presenters: Ahmed Al-Buheissi, Brian Smith, and Anees Iqbal

In the fast world of Agile development and DevOps, there are many security roadblocks in the race to production. Businesses can't slow down, so security must speed up. This requires a combination of good architecture and strong technology. WestJet’s unique Security Architecture Made Simple (SAMS) combined with Software Defined Security and Automation technology has transformed security operations.

STO4856 - Designing for Mass Failover with Site Recovery Manager: Lessons Learned from a Customer Deployment
Presenter: Christopher Chua

How do you design a system to fail over 1000 Virtual Machines? How different is it from designing to fail over 10 Virtual Machines? VMware Site Recovery Manager allows you to protect up to 5000 VMs using array based replication, but can you really just set it and forget it? Explore some of the ins and outs of using Site Recovery Manager at scale through a review of Chevron’s Global Deployment of SRM. Review lessons learned from the design phase, implementation phase, and operational turnover.

EUC5523 - AirWatch 101: Enterprise Mobility Management Simplified
Presenter: Harit Patel

Discover AirWatch by VMware, the world’s leader in enterprise mobility management. The AirWatch platform includes industry-leading mobile device, email, application, content, and browser management solutions for corporate, BYO and line of business devices. Learn how AirWatch enables end users with a digital workspaces while empowering IT with a platform for business mobility.

EUC5921 - App Volumes Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting
Presenter: Stephane Asselin

App Volumes is a great solution for Just-In-Time application delivery to your virtual desktops or your remote sessions (RDSH or Citrix). There are a lot of ways to deploy and deploy it right. Come here us show you lesson learned from real-life customer deployments, how we can save you time in your future deployments. We will also go over troubleshooting ideas and what to look for when deploying App Volumes in your enterprise.

EUC6051-SPO - How Florida Atlantic University Made Their High Performance Horizon View Deployment Look Easy
Presenter: James Mauser

When the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) looked to replace their high performance physical desktops and workstations with VMware Horizon View virtual desktops, they faced a challenge in architecting a affordable solution that could stand up to the task of delivering stable, non-persistent virtual desktops for high performance 3D applications to their concurrent users. Simple, right? Attend this session to learn how FAU’s overcame high latency, unstable virtual desktop challenges and delivered a cost-effective, simple to manage, end-to-end solution that met the demands of their high end VDI deployment running intensive 3D graphics applications.

OPT5814-QT - AGILE for Infrastructure: Utilizing Agile Methods to Drive Iterative Infrastructure Development and IT Service Delivery
Presenter: Josh Miller

Is your infrastructure organization struggling to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of business stakeholders? Have you been trying to stimulate the cultural change required to initiate the adoption of DevOps or IT as a service (ITaaS)? Are you (still) under the impression that the Agile framework is only used to support application development? The widespread adoption of VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) technology stack opens up a whole new world of opportunity for infrastructure organizations. Infrastructure practitioners are no longer bound by the proprietary compute, storage, and network siloes of legacy IT environments and now enjoy an unprecedented level of control, flexibility, and freedom. So now what? In this session, Josh Miller, VMware’s Accelerate Transformation Services Agile Operations offering lead explains how your infrastructure teams can leverage Agile frameworks and scrum practices to: • Maximize your VMware technology investments through increased adoption and quicker development of functionality and capabilities to support business needs • Accelerate IT transformation initiatives by enhancing communication, collaboration, and integration within your organization • Create the cultural change required to speed adoption of DevOps/ITaaS as demanded by the business
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