Wednesday, September 17, 2014

vCenter Operations Manager All Metrics Graphs

One of my customers wanted to create Microsoft Excel reports and charts from the All Metrics reports in vCenter Operations Manager. This gives you the ability to drill down into the numbers at a more granular level and create custom graphs in Microsoft Excel. When troubleshooting a problem in the environment, having this information can be exceedingly valuable, especially if you can pinpoint the time frame when the anomaly happened. With that information in hand, you can work directly with the application teams or change control coordinator to analyze the changes that occurred in that window. 

In vCenter Operations Manager under the Operations tab, click on All Metrics. Then select the specific metrics you want to report on from the Metric Selector. You will notice in the image below, I have created a graph on my vCenter Operations Manage Analytics VM for Memory with the Guest Active (KB) counter. The date range I have specified is the Last 12 Hours. Once you have the graph in the Metrics Chart, you are going to click on the green down arrow icon, Download comma separated data.

This will save it to an Excel spreadsheet. You can than select data and insert a chart to map out the data points. If you choose the Recommended Charts, it will select one that is relatively close to the graph that is in vCenter Operations Manager.

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