Friday, February 14, 2014

VMware vSphere Mobile Watchlist

VMware just released a vSphere mobile phone app on Apple's App Store and Google Play called vSphere Mobile Watchlist.

The app enables secure vSphere infrastructure resource monitoring and remediation. With Watchlist, vSphere administrators will be able to choose VMs from a vCenter Server inventory to create targeted updated views of those VMs and their properties, and remediate directly from the device with power operations or delegate action with linked relevant Knowledge Base (KB) articles.

Download vSphere Mobile Watchlist here:
Google Play:
iTunes App Store:

Easily create virtual machine watchlists: Search for and select a subset of VMs from your VMware vCenter Server inventory to monitor in one or multiple watchlists.

Virtual machines at a glance: Review the status of selected watchlist VMs from your device including VM state, configuration details, resource usage, health alerts, view of the VM console, and related objects.

Discover: VM alerts are linked to pertinent diagnostic information from the VMware Knowledge Base, as well as articles from the Web.

Remediate remotely: Remediate problems directly from the phone by powering on/off, suspending, or restarting VMs — or for situations where on-site remediation is required, attach the VM alert(s) along with recommended solutions in an email to team members back at the datacenter.
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