Friday, February 28, 2014

VMware Service Manager 9.1.8.

VMware announced the release VMware Service Manager 9.1.8. This releases focuses on stability, and adding a small, incremental features requested by customers.   Some of the new capabilities introduced in 9.1.8 are highlighted below:

The Search Center  – The new Search Center functionality allows users to save searches, and share them with specific groups, or the entire user base.  This helps shorten the learning curve for new users, and boosts productivity of technicians by allowing access to commonly used searches created by other users.

Additional Report File Formats – Service Manager includes its own report writer.  With 9.1.8, reports can now be exported into  new file formats like XLSX, WB1, or SVG.

Configurable Tool Tips -  As part of the metadata for configurable fields, administrators can configure tool-tips for the new fields they add to the system (as well as existing fields).  Using the screen designer, the administrator provides the text for the tool tip, and once committed, the tool tip is displayed when hovering over the field.

New Dashboard Capabilities – To enhance the capability of the dashboard monitors, 9.1.8 adds the ability for users to utilize the Advanced Search builder to build dashboards.  These new capabilities also allow new drill down capabilities.  For example, a user can now create a new dashboard monitor based on number of open incidents assigned to a specific team by priority, and then drill down to see a count of these incidents per user.

Hide Action Buttons – Customers have long requested the ability to hide action buttons from their users that they find confusing, or simply don’t want their user base to execute.  Using the Screen Designer, the Administrator can now remove action buttons so they are no longer visible to the user, giving the administrator more control over how users interact with the system.

This is just a sample of what was added in version 9.1.8.  For  a complete list of what’s new, and defects addressed, see the attached readme file.

The release can be found at:
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