Wednesday, January 15, 2014

EMC Elect 2014

I was delighted to learn that I was recognized by my peers in the IT community for my contributions and that I was selected for the EMC Elect 2014. It really is a privilege to be associated with such a fantastic group of IT influencers and an honor to have been chosen.

Also, I want to congratulate the other members of the EMC Elect 2014. The recognition is very well-deserved. We're all fortunate to benefit from your contributions to the community!

One thing is certain, there are definite benefits to blogging and community involvement for most IT professionals. Blogs are a great medium for discussion and collaboration that is not always possible in one’s immediate physical surroundings. In addition to the general intellectual exchange many of us likely find of value (or hopefully we would not be spending so much time on it) is the feedback we receive on specific technical related posts that has the potential to influence our thinking and writing. This has certainly happened to me in my career and I consider it a tangible benefit, although one that only shows up indirectly. 

Moreover; technology leaders, strategist, and engineers can help foster our IT future by influencing the next generation. Our involvement in technical high schools and colleges can help shape their programs. Technology moves at such a rapid pace, it is hard for schools to keep up.  We can help teachers with technical training and join their Technical Advisory Boards to help shape their curriculum.

An important aspect of blogging and community involvement is recognition by your IT peers and the technical community for our contributions. That is what the EMC Elect is all about!  

Here is the list of the 80 individuals selected as the 2014 EMC Elect:

NameRelationship with EMCTwitterBlog
Adam EckerlePartner@eck79
Alexander AlmeidaEMC@alxjalmeida
Allan RobertsonEMC@dba_hba
Allen WardCustomer@AllenFWard
Andre LeiboviciPartner@andreleibovici
Andrew MillerPartner@andriven
Anil SedhaCustomer@anilsedha
  Baixin ChenPartner
Bill McGloinPartner@billmcgloin
Bill SchmarzoEMC@schmarzo
Brian CarpenterEMC@inthedc
  Chad SakacEMC@sakacc
Christopher KusekIndependant@cxi
Cody HostermanEMC@codyhosterman
Damian KarlsonEMC@sixfootdad
Dan FrithPartner@penguinpunk
Dave HenryPartner@davemhenry
Dave RingPartner@ring_dc
Dave StrebelPartner@vStrebel
  Edward NewmanEMC@vCTO
Eric HagstromEMC@erichagstrom
Erin BanksPartner@banksek
  Fabian LeeEMC@flee999
Fabio ChiodiniEMC@FabioChiodini
Fred NixEMC@nixfred
Henrik WagnerEMC@Henrikwagner73
Howard MarksAnalyst@DeepStorageNet
Hrvoje CrvelinCustomer@hcrvelin
Ian AndersonEMC@ionthegeek
Itzik ReichEMC@itzikr
Jase McCartyEMC@jasemccarty
Jason GaudreauPartner@jagaudreau
Jason NashPartner@TheJasonNash
Jed SpinkPartner@jedspink
Jeff BrowningEMC@OracleHeretic
Jeramiah DooleyIndependant@jdooley_clt
Jeremy PriouxPartner@JeremyPrioux
Jim SanzoneEMC@thesanzone
Joe KellyPartner@virtualtacit
Jon KlausPartner@JonKlaus
Jonas RoslandEMC@virtualswede
Jonathan FrappierCustomer@jfrappier
Josh TownsendPartner@joshuatownsend
Julien FontainePartner@julien_fontain
Justin PaulPartner@recklessop
Karsten BottEMC@Hyperv_guy
Keith TownsendIndependant@VirtualizedGeek
Kelly BrownEMC@LadyBackup
Lauren MalhoitPartner@malhoit
  Lee DallasEMC@ldallasBMOC
Luigi DanakosIndependant@NerdBlurt
Mark MayCustomer@cincystorage
  Martin ValenciaPartner@Ubergiek
Matt CowgerEMC@mcowger
Matt DavisCustomer@da5is
Matthew YeagerEMC@mpyeager
Menno de LiegePartner@mennodeliege
Michael LeeperCustomer@mleeper
Moin MansuriCustomer@MoinMansuri31
Nick FritschPartner@nfritsch
Peter KeiltyPartner@keiltypeter
Philip GeorgeEMC@vPhilGeorge
Preston de GuisePartner@backupbear
Rob KoperPartner@50mu
Rob PeglarEMC@peglarr
Rob SteelePartner@RobSteele
Roy MikesCustomer@Teovmy
Sam LucidoEMC@sam_lucido
Sam MarracciniEMC@SamMarraccini
Scott RothPartner
Sergey KamenetskiyCustomer@dynamoxxx
Shawn CannonCustomer@rolltidega
Simon SeagraveEMC@Kiwi_Si
Stephen FoskettIndependant@SFoskett
Tommy TrogdenEMC@vtexan
Trevor Roberts JrPartner@VMTrooper
Victor FordePartner@victorforde
Vipin V.KPartner@vipinvk111
Vishal KumarIndependant@VishalTx
Zeeshan KhanEMC@Zeeshan_Khan07
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