Monday, August 26, 2013


It has been a great first couple days at VMworld; on my first day I had the pleasure of meeting up with Greg Stuart before the VMworld reception. He was just getting there from the vOdgeball benefit event (sporting the vExpert team shirt). I can't thank him and the sponsors (Nutanix, Veeam, and TrainSignal) enough for giving me the opportunity to attend this year's 10th anniversary VMworld.

At the VMworld reception on Sunday evening, I was also able to meet one of my blog sponsors Fara Hain from Zerto. This was a picture from the Zerto booth with Fara, Chris Wahl, and Alaistar Cooke.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Horizon View on LG Spectrum 4G

Here is a picture of my LG Spectrum 4G running Horizon View with Unity Touch and Liquidware Labs Profile Unity. All the applications were installed with ProfileUnity FlexApp.

Horizon Workspace 1.5 Design

Horizon Workspace 1.5 provides end users with a web portal that allows them to access web applications (SaaS), mobile applications, ThinApps, user authored documents, and entitled virtual desktops. The beauty of the solution is that secures your applications and data in your datacenter, while allowing users to access work components from multiple devices from anywhere.

The Applications page displays applications that have been enabled for your use. From this page, you can securely access these applications without reentering your sign in credentials.

If you use a computer running Windows, you can access both Windows and Web applications. VMware ThinApp packages that your organization enabled for you display in the Applications tab. If you are not working on a computer running Windows, Windows and ThinApp packages are not displayed.

You can access your Web applications from any device.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Skills to Boost Your Career

Top virtualization skills to boost your career - An infographic by the team at TrainSignal, which is now Pluralsight

Showing Business Value with a Private Cloud

Whether people love it or hate it, there is a distinct value to moving toward a private cloud. Even if you only adopt certain aspects, cost transparency is a common-sense approach that helps business leaders understand their investments in infrastructure technology and helps IT professionals become more strategic partners to the business. Comparatively, the traditional role of IT just executing tasks for the business and not being able to show their underlying value to the company is a risky proposition as public cloud adoption begins to mature. It is past time that IT professionals embrace their role as service providers for their organizations.

In the past, companies looked to reduce internal expenditures by turning to co-location, outsourcing, and hosting providers. This was driven by the pains of not understand the benefit of technology and trying to reduce costs; owning and operating a data center is an expensive proposition. It requires spending capital on data center superstructure, IT infrastructure, and personnel to manage operations.

I want to share an approach that is simple, uses your current investment in your VMware infrastructure, and can provide a tremendous amount of value to your organization.

Here are some of the key aspects that make up a Private Cloud:
  • On-demand
  • Self Service
  • Pooled resources
  • Elastic
  • Measurable
  • Standardized
  • Automated
  • Resilient

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Social Media

Recently, a friend of mine asked me about blogging, in particular why I bothered blogging and does it help a person’s career. A blog is an excellent hub for your social media presence, and helps to engage your peers, customers and other audiences.

Technologists are a passionate group; in comparison in the Winter I am an avid skier, when the leaves start to turn shades of scarlet, yellow and orange and the wind starts them on their annual ballet toward their seasonal sleep on the ground, a skier starts to itch to get on the slopes. They start attending Ski Expos and going to the latest Warren Miller ski films. If you want to see a passionate group, go to a Warren Miller film at the beginning of ski season and listen to the cheers and jeers as the professional skiers perform amazing tricks and teeth clenching crashes.

It is the same for the technology community, they are a passionate group, they like to involve and support each other. Furthermore, just like the skier in autumn, it is remarkable to see the excitement build as VMworld draws near.  Everyone is sharing the sessions they are eager to attend and the après-VMworld events they will be joining.  This isn’t just individuals, this goes for vendors as well, technology vendors are great sponsors to the blogging community and to the après-VMworld events.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

VMware Introduces Horizon Workspace 1.5 and New VMware Ready Devices

Yesterday, VMware announced the release of VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5, I plan to have this up and running in my lab in the next couple weeks and I will provide an overview of the changes.

"VMware is making it easier to support the mobile workforce by introducing the general availability of VMware Horizon Workspace™ 1.5, which offers a highly integrated mobile management platform. This release simplifies the experience for both the end user and the IT administrator who must support the mobile worker. Adding to the single, aggregated workspace that combines data, applications and desktops are features such as:
  1. A single integrated management interface to support Android devices alongside all other components of the workspace with the integration of VMware Horizon Mobile™
  2. Support for mobile applications to allow admins to entitle and manage applications
  3. Policy management engine to consolidate, model, and rationalize policies across all components
  4. Support for the Oracle database
  5. Revised iOS applications – files and applications in two separate applications
  6. Localization in French, German, Japanese and simplified Chinese
  7. Performance improvements and fixes
The variety of mobile device models, operating systems and applications brought into the enterprise by users can create a management nightmare for IT. Specifically, Android is a difficult platform to manage due to the large number of device-specific operating systems. Horizon Workspace helps IT standardize the management of Android devices using a single, integrated management platform to easily apply and enforce corporate security policies across all devices using a single solution.

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