Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Horizon View RACI Document

It is no secret that designing a VDI infrastructure is a complex undertaking, but one aspect that certainly needs to be considered is how the environment will be supported. In small to medium sized business, a majority of the IT departments support all aspects of the infrastructure, but in enterprise organizations technical competencies are supported by different organizations and divisions.

Will the server infrastructure be supported by the server team or the end-user computing team? How about the master desktop images and pools?

A key to the success of a VDI project is developing a RACI document. A responsibility assignment matrix (RACI) is developed by listing the activities along the left column of a table and the roles across the top. A matrix is then developed to identify which roles are responsible, accountable, consulted and informed within the process. A RACI model ensures that end-to-end accountability is identified for the process activities and ensures that gaps are identified and can be corrected.

Below is a RACI document that I have used in Horizon View deployments, I hope you find it useful when designing a responsibility matrix for supporting your environment.

Server Team EUC Other Team (DBA, DSS, CIS, EA)

R, A,C, I R, A,C, I R, A,C, I

Conduct research and make recommendation on VDI products, services, and standards in support of the infrastructure R A,R C,I

Partner with the EA group to define, execute, and maintain the Enterprise Infrastructure Technology Roadmap - 3 year strategic plan R A,R C,I

Initial implementation of pilot or proof of concept of new, emerging technologies, and major upgrades A,R R

Identify, recommend, design, and implement cost-effective VDI solutions  R A,R R,C,I

Define roles and resposibilities for the VDI tools R A,R

Project future computing capacity requirements to meet business needs R A,R

Research, architect, deploy, and manage third party tools related to the View server infrastructure A,R R R

DMZ/off-line mode evaluation R A,R

Integration with View to the Application Virtualization initiative or the Global Standard Desktop I A,R C

Server Hardware Configurations A,R I

Server Hardware Procurement Approvals A,R I

Client Hardware Configurations I A,R

Data Center Planning A,R

Data Center Support (i.e. Rack & Stack, Break Fix) A,R I

Hardware Load balancing R C A,R

ESX host monitoring A,R C R

ESX host upgrades, management, and maintenance A,R I I

ESX Tools Roll-Out

ESX host deployments A,R I R

vCenter upgrades, management, and maintenance A,R C

VMware View Manager virtual machine upgrades and maintenance R A,C

VMware View Composer virtual machine upgrades and maintenance R A,C

Database Infrastructure Support R C A,R

Performance and capacity monitoring for ESX hosts and clusters R I

Performance and capacity monitoring for View virual desktops

Disaster Recovery Support for View servers and host environment A,R R R

Backup and recovery strategy for View Management and View Composer servers A,R

Troubleshoot ESX host incidents A,R C

Troubleshoot View Management server and View Composer server incidents A,R C

Troubleshoot vCenter incidents A,R C

Virtual virtual desktop incident management C A,R

View virtual desktop security and patch management

Software distribution to View virtual desktops

Software distribution to View Management server and View Composer server A,R C

Linked Clones implementation and standards I A,R

Thin Provisioning implementation and standards A,R R C

vNetwork switching implementation A,R C R

Profile Management software R A,R C

View virtual desktop approvals I A,R

Engage business partners to define virtual desktop requirements and solutions

Training for new VMware View consumers

VMware View software product management A,R C

Create and administer the vCenter Resource Pools A,R C

vCenter Security A,R I

View Security and Access Management I A,R

Build and maintain additional View Connection servers A,R C

GPO management R A,C

Client network protocol selection (PCoIP or RDP) C A,R C

View Admin Console support A,R R

Create View virtual desktops and pools

Create and maintain the View virtual desktop base image

Distribute View client to physical workstations and laptops

Recomposing images

Rebalancing images

Image optimization

View View virtual desktop file storage locations (persistent disk design, LAN server location) R R A,R

R - Responsible

A - Accountable (1 team accountable)

C - Consults

I - Inform

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